Mike and Susie Jensen Family
"Enjoy the Little Things in Life, for one day you may Look Back and Realize they were the Big Things."
~Robert Brault

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

We dressed up as the Pink Ladies and Mike was the T-Bird for Halloween. It was so much fun and we had a great time!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

11 Reasons we LOVE Ashlyn!

Happy 11th Birthday Ashlyn! Here are 11 Reasons why we LOVE our Ashlyn so much.....

1. She is the greatest big sister someone could ever ask for. Katelyn and Lauryn want to be just like her all the time.
2. She is so funny and loves to make people laugh. She just cracks us up all the time. She loves to make people happy.
3. She is one smart cookie and a great student. She's worked really hard for her grades and just got straight A's for her mid-term progress report.
4. She is really talented in dance and loves it! She dances 11 hours per week in her spare time.
5. She is best buddies with Brynlyn. They have so much fun together. And we're all just "okay" to Brynlyn until Ashlyn comes in. Then no one is greater than Ashlyn.
6. She loves music and has a great interest in it. She is learning to play the piano as well as learning to play the flute in the band at school.
7. She is really creative and she loves to do art projects and draw and create stuff. Definitely a future scrapbooker! =)
8. She is a great athlete and loves to be active. She is an awesome swimmer and diver and she loves riding her scooter and bike around the neighborhood.
9. She is a people magnet and people are just drawn to Ashlyn. She is always surrounded by a group of friends. She's very kind and has a big heart. She always wants to help people out. She even told me that when she's older, she wants to be a Pediatric ICU Nurse. We love her heart of gold.
10. She is our #1 babysitter and she's the best. She does a great job and loves to babysit and play with the kids.
11. She is the greatest oldest daughter that we could have ever asked for. She is a huge blessing to our family and we are LUCKY to have her in our family.
We love you Ashlyn! Happy 11th Birthday!

Ash's Subway Birthday Lunch

For Ashlyn's birthday lunch, she wanted to go to Subway. So Brynlyn and I picked her up from school and we took her to eat at one of her favorite restaurants, Subway. We had such a fun time together. What a great tradition. And yes, she did get to go back to school after lunch!

High School Musical 3

For Ashlyn's birthday last night, we went to see High School Musical 3 in the movie theaters. We invited Jenn and Camryn Pickles to come along with us. Brynlyn was so happy to stay back at home with Grandma Sugar. (Thanks Grandma Sugar!)
We really had the entire theater to ourselves until 2 small families came in. The girls munched on popcorn, pop and candy and were in hog heaven.
This was a really cute movie and a great ending to a wonderful series of movies. We loved it!

Monday, October 27, 2008

ASU Football Fever

We love going to the ASU Sun Devils Football games. They are such a blast and truly an event in and of itself. Our seats are right next to the Pickles and we love spending this time with them.

This particular game was against the Ducks and we pretty much got sent to the cleaners by their team in a big way. Ouch, this one was painful. But we always manage to have a great time and enjoy it all!

We had to have something sweet to help us feel better while we licked our wounds after the game was a complete smear. The caramel apple was so yummy and we scarffed it down all the way home!

Me, Jennifer and and Dori. We met some new friends tonight, Fred and Dori Hockenjos. They have 3 boys so we immediately set at trying to "swap" our formulas for baby making. ha ha They were alot of fun to hang out with! We'll have to do it again guys.

Big Sun Devil fans!

Jade and Ashlyn

These girls are so crazy! It is October and they are swimming in the pool and eating popsicles. What is that all about??? The pool is really, really cold and not "swimmable" at all. But Ashlyn and Jade just had to push the envelope and see how long they could stand it. Eventually numbness set in. Ha! They had a blast playing outside. Jade is a great friend to Ashlyn and they love to talk on the phone and hang out, and did I mention talk on the phone??? All the time!!! Ashlyn's lucky to have such a fun and neat friend.

Ash, Camryn, Kamrie

Sometimes I feel like I have more than just four daughters. Ashlyn's friends are so great and so much fun. They always have a ball when they're together. She's so lucky that they live so close by. They all go to dance together and so we were trying to feed them some dinner before they went to dance. These girls are so great that I'll certainly claim them as my own. =)


Stylin' Kamrie

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Break California Trip

We went to California for the week with Tanya (Susie's sister) and Bryce Bentley and their kiddos. We stayed at a beach house together, played at the beach, went to Magic Mountain, went on bike rides, ate out at Costco, played games at the beach house and had a great time! We really enjoyed our time with the Bentleys and we're so glad that they came with us! Until next trip......

Katelyn, Emilee, Ali, Lauryn

Our fam at the Newport Beach Pier

All the kids posing at the pier

The Bentley clan in Newport Beach

Eating at our favorite burger joint in Newport Beach, TK Burger. Yummmm!!!

Playing on the beach

Beautiful Tanya and the oh-so-sweet Ashley. She's so darling and such a wonderful baby. We loved getting the chance to play with her.

Me and Missy Brynlyn

We were so lucky to have great weather while we were there. We played on the beach several of the days. The kids absolutely loved it! Although, I'm not sure who had more fun...the kids...or Uncle Bryce! ha ha