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"Enjoy the Little Things in Life, for one day you may Look Back and Realize they were the Big Things."
~Robert Brault

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brynlyn's last day of school

I know I've already posted about Brynlyn's end of the year, but thought it would be fun to see how she has changed this year. I think all of the girls have gone through their changes this year, but this one has really grown up! It's amazing to compare these pictures and see how she has changed. It's so great to see her growing and developing as she gets older.

With Mrs. Erin, beginning of the year

End of the year...

Lauryn's last day of school

Lauryn really enjoyed being in Ms. Morris' classroom this year. She thrived and learned so much and had a suberb year.

Ms. Morris, best of luck with your baby boy in the Fall! We'll miss you next year!

Beginning of year...

End of the year...

Katelyn's last day of school

At the beginning of the year, Katelyn's teacher had a family emergency and had to quit the week before school started. So she had a substitute in her classroom for the first few weeks. Then they hired another teacher who was wonderful, but had to quit mid-year because of a health crisis. So sad! Then they hired Mrs. Tate, who also had been Ashlyn's 4th grade teacher and we love her.

Katelyn had a great time in Mrs. Tate's class and we really appreciate everything she did for Katelyn! See you next year, Mrs. Tate!

Beginning of the year...

With Mrs. Tate, end of the year...

Ashlyn's last day of school

Last day of school for Ashlyn. I thought it would be fun to post a beginning and end of school yr picture with her teacher, Ms. Worthen.

Always amazing to see how they have changed throughout the year! Thank you to Ms. Worthen for a wonderful school year. Ashlyn really enjoyed your class.

Beginning of the year...

End of the year...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Preschool Graduation Party

Today was Brynlyn's Preschool Graduation Party. She really isn't graduating to Kindergarten yet. She still has 1 more year of pre-K, but most of her classmates are moving on up. It was so fun to be there in her classroom and to see their music performance. I will just say this, my little Brynlyn is the biggest ham! She thought it was so great to be up there in front of all of those parents are show off her moves. I hope she always has that sense of confidence!

We will really miss her teachers Erin and Sabrina. They have been so wonderful with her and we're sad they won't be with us for next year. We feel really lucky that they were such a huge part of our lives this year. Thanks a million gals! We sure love ya!

Brynlyn with Ms. Sabrina

Brynlyn with Ms. Erin

Brynlyn's class in full performance mode

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brynlyn and the Bus

This is Aunt Rosie and Uncle David. They have accompanied Brynlyn on the bus every day to and from school for the past 9 months. They are so darling with her and she adores them. David lets all the kids give him "five" as they are getting off the bus and then he fakes "ouch" as they smack his hand and then the kids laugh and laugh.

Rosie has comforted Brynlyn more than once when she was too sad to go to school (which wasn't too many days, I'm happy to say). She always gets her calmed down and ready to hop off to school. I always know she's in good hands with them and I'm so sad that she only has 2 more days with them until school is out! It's just too sad and we're going to miss them so much.

Ashlyn's science project

Whew...last project of the school year. Ashlyn did her science project on testing cooking sprays. Why didn't I ever think of that? Her title: "My Cookies Have a Sticky Problem." She was able to make 4 pans of choco chip cookies. Yummm...not the most scientific, but sure alot of fun!

These are the results of her cute project. Good job, Ash!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fetal Echocardiogram

Last week I had an appointment with Dr. Stock (Brynlyn's peds cardiologist) and he performed a Fetal Echo on our baby. Dr. Stock was the very first DR we met when we arrived at St. Joseph's Hospital with Brynlyn. We have such a great history with him and I felt really comfortable going to him for this test.

I am happy to say that everything looked great with her heart! Wahoo! Dr. Stock was so great and I really appreciate him and his office staff. They are like another set of family to us. We are feeling so happy and relieved just knowing that she's developing like she should, so far. We have not done any further genetic testing. Because the fetal echo looked great, we have decided not to do an amniocentesis on the baby just for the risk factors that can be involved. So the only information we have so far is of her heart which looks great as well as the other U/S tests that our OB has performed. So far so good and everything looks great. We're going to just keep praying for our little one to continue developing and growing as she should.
Information: What is fetal echocardiography?

This is a test using sound waves (ultrasound) to show the structure of an unborn baby's heart. An obstetrician may get a limited view of a baby's heart during a routine pregnancy ultrasound. However, a specialist in fetal echocardiography can study a baby's heart in great detail using a fetal echocardiogram.

Some pregnant women are at higher risk of giving birth to a baby with a heart defect. They should be considered for referral for a specialized fetal echocardiogram. Indications include

* a family history of congenital heart disease
* an abnormal fetal heart rhythm
* fetal heart abnormalities detected during a routine pregnancy ultrasound scan
* abnormality of another major organ system
* insulin-dependent (type 1) diabetes mellitus
* exposure to some drugs in early pregnancy. For example, some anti-epileptic drugs can damage the developing heart.
* abnormal amniocentesis (AM'ne-o-sen-TE'sis). This is abnormal amniotic fluid in the woman's uterus.

The ultrasound scanning may be done through the vagina or through the abdomen. There are no known risks to the mother or fetus.

Me and Dr. Stock. Check out that growing belly!!! Yikes!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mike's 39th Birthday

Happy 39th Birthday Mike! We had a few parties to celebrate the occasion.

Here is Candace and Brynlyn sharing a fun moment at our house.

Brynlyn is giving her Daddy a special birthday kiss.

Mike being silly blowing out his candles.

Monica decorated Mike's office in Hawaiian theme. The room looked so great and he loved it! Thanks Monica, you're a sweetheart!

Mike posing with his Hawaiian decor.

Me, Pat, Farrell and Mike at his office luncheon.

The office staff threw Mike a surprise Hawaiian Luau Luncheon for his birthday. It was so much fun with delicious food. Thanks for the party guys! You're the best!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day stuff

Mother's Day was a really fun and busy day! We had a Thornock Breakfast at Janelle's house (new tradition) that morning. It started the day off just right.

Then we got dressed and went to church where I was fortunate to be asked to teach the RS Mother's Day lesson.

Then we had the Jensens over for dinner that night for another fun party.

Whew...what a day!

Me with the girls at breakfast. These girls are four of my most favorite people on the earth. They are tremendously sweet and fun with lots of sass and kick to them. I consider myself extremely blessed to be their Mom! Just think, the next mother's day picture we take, we'll have another baby girl! Yikes!

The Greatest Mom in the World is modeling the Hawaiian apron we brought home for her from Maui. Lookin' good Mom! We love you!

Me, Mom and Janelle. We are missing Tanya, who was at church with her family.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there! I am truly grateful for the examples that you are to me.

Enjoy this special day!

Photo says:

We hope you have a splashing good Mother's Day, full of sunny skies and clear blue water!

Love, the Jensen Fish
Maui, Hawaii 2010

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Brynlyn and Ms Erin

Ms. Erin is Brynlyn's Preschool teacher whom she dearly loves! Brynlyn loves loves loves going to preschool every week and with a teacher as fabulous as Ms. Erin, who can blame her???

We went to her schools' Night of Learning the other day where the families are invited into the classroom to see all of the wonderful things that the kids have done throughout the year. It was so much fun to see Brynlyn in her element and to see her so happy and natural in her very own classroom.

Next year, the district is rearranging alot of things and we are switching schools which means switching teachers. Aagh! I can barely stand to type this because I'm so sad about it! We have been so fortunate to have Erin as Brynlyn's teacher and we'll never, ever forget her. She's the best!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Madison's Baptism, May 8

On Saturday, my niece Madison was baptized. It was great to be there with the family and see this wonderful day in her life. Congratulations Madison! We love you!

Madison with Grandma and Grandpa Sugar (or should I say Elder and Sister Thornock--serving in the Arizona Tempe Mission)

David and Katelyn, best buddies got a hold of the camera

Three Stages of Pregnancy with Three Sister in Laws: Emily (and Robbie) with ??? (13 weeks) Susie with a girl (22 weeks) Barbie (and Ricky) with a boy (34 weeks). So fun girls! Lookin' good!

Fun Cousins share the year of the baptism: Emilee (in August) Madison (in May) Lauryn (in November). (We're missing Rachel in the picture who was baptized earlier this year.)

Mother and daughter: Connie and Madison

Mike, Connie and Madison

Mike and Connie's cute family

The group following the baptism (only missing Jeff and Brian's families. Missed you guys!)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Maui, Hawaii-Ahihi-Kinau Reserve in Wailea and gorgeous scenery

We took our summer vacation this spring and headed over to Maui for a week. Brynlyn stayed with Janelle and Eric, her home away from home. She ended up getting sick for the entire week and Janelle nursed her back to health. It was a tough week for them and we really appreciate all of their help with Brynlyn. They did a great job!

Our favorite place on the planet is Maui and if I had to describe it in one word, I would say Healing. It's an amazing place and we were so grateful for the chance to go back.

Warning: some ridiculously gorgeous scenery is about to be shown.

We visited the Ahihi-Kinau Reserve in Wailea. It's so gorgeous and the scenery is such a stark contrast with the clear blue water against the black lava rock. They have great tidepools here and it's always fun for the girls to check it out.

Scenery near our hotel. Every time I go to Hawaii, I always ask Mike to bring back a plumeria plant so he can plant it in our yard. And every year he has told me that it just wouldn't survive in our heat. I continue to ask though because it's my favorite flower!

Our hotel resort. We affectionately call it the Pink Palace. It is pink in honor of the Hawaiian royalty. =)

This is a beautiful Japanese garden in the courtyard. I love going and just sitting in the courtyard because it's so serene and peaceful.

If you ever go to Hawaii, do not leave home without the Hawaii Revealed tour book! It is the best and becomes our favorite guide book for the islands.