Mike and Susie Jensen Family
"Enjoy the Little Things in Life, for one day you may Look Back and Realize they were the Big Things."
~Robert Brault

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Music performance

On Saturday the girls had their music performance for the music class they take from Jenee Wright Prince.  They love this class and look forward to it every week.  They will have a few week break then go back for the fun summer session.  Lookin' good girls!  Of course we had to follow the performance with lunch at Cafe Rio.  Yummmmm.....

Katelyn, Kelsey, Lauryn

Paige and Brynlyn

Lauryn, Brynlyn, Katelyn

Brynlyn's group performing

Katelyn and Lauryn's group performing

The girls with Miss Jenee

With Granda and Papa after lunch

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ashlyn and Friends Lake Trip

Last weekend we took Ashlyn and group of her friends to Canyon Lake for an 8th grade graduation party.  Our friends and their son brought their boat with "the boys" and we brought "the girls."  They tubed, wakeboarded, knee-boarded, cliff jumped, swam and ate and had an absolute ball.  It was a really fun time with such a great group of kids.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mike's office birthday party

Today I went over to Mike's office with Mike's parents to celebrate his 41st birthday (on Friday) with a luncheon.  It was fun seeing everyone and the office did a really fun job decorating his office filled with balloons.  Their theme was "Happy Birthday!  You're having a Boy!" so it was all blue and yellow with yellow ducks floating in blue water.  Madelyn and Brynlyn thought it was the best decor ever and loved fishing the ducks out of the water.  They are a great office and it was fun to celebrate with them.

Hawaii State Report

Why is it that teachers wait until the last 4 weeks of school to assign the biggest projects of the year???  When we are already getting so burned out of from school, Katelyn received this huge State Report assignment.  She chose Hawaii, so atleast that part was fun.  This is what was all part of the report...
1.  Cover Page
2.  Written Report Rough Draft (Katelyn's was 26 pages long because she writes so big)
3.  Written Report Final Draft (narrowed to 17 pages long)
4.  Provided Outline completely filled out
5.  Re-written Outline
6.  USA Map colored in where the state is, etc.
7.  Draw a pic of the state flag
8.  Draw State Bird, State Flower, State Tree
9.  Bibliography
10.  State Parade float (see pictures below)
11.  American States Food Fair (to be done at lunch next week).  Katelyn is going to bring in sliced pineapple, pineapple juice and little umbrellas that you put in your cup.


The state report took weeks to complete (in addition to their nightly homework.)  This state report also took a few days and a few long nights.  We even borrowed sand from our neighbor's sandbox to glue down as the beach and she created a volcano out of playdoh.  Yet I will say that I am grateful that I love scrapbooking because everything here was taken from my scrap stash of supplies that I already had on hand.  It was alot of fun to see her do this project, but I was so happy to see it leave my house this morning to be turned in to the teacher.