Mike and Susie Jensen Family
"Enjoy the Little Things in Life, for one day you may Look Back and Realize they were the Big Things."
~Robert Brault

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

St. Joseph's Cardiac Unit

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Grandpa and Grandma Andersen

These were a few of the pictures from Grandpa's 80th Birthday Party. We had the party at a restaurant in Glendale, AZ and we had a private banquet room, so that made it nice. These are my Mom's parents. They are so awesome and have been such a huge support for us with Brynlyn and everything. They came to see us in the hospital several times at St. Joe's and with Grandpa's health, it was a big deal to get down there. But he was a trooper and made the trek. By the way, this was Brynlyn's FIRST time in a restaurant ever. We are ever so slowly taking her more places. Baby steps...less-crowded places first. So, No, she still doesn't get to go to church. One day soon we hope.

It was great fun spending this time with Grandma and Grandpa. We love you!

Cousin Amie

Please meet my cousin Amie. Well, she's my cousin's wife, but she's just like my cousin. She is an avid Blogger and Blog Watcher and will remind me when I need to update with a new post. We have grown to be good friends via email and blogs and she was always checking up on Brynlyn's latest and greatest on her blog and she finally got to meet Bryn in person. A week ago we went to a restaurant and celebrated Grandpa Andersen's 80th birthday. Amie and Danny and boys all came and so it was a huge party. We had a really fun time with everyone, but one of my favorite parts of the night was when I got to introduce Brynlyn to one of her most favorite fans. =)
Thanks for everything, Amie. You're awesome!

Katelyn Grace

Tonight Mike and I were going on a date to see "The Bourne Ultimatum" movie now showing at the movie theaters.
I was getting dressed and my sweet Katelyn said to me: "Mom, you look so cute. They're going to love you!"
I laughed and laughed. I don't know who "They" is that she's talking about, but apparently I was going to WOW them with my cute outfit. Oh, you gotta love it. Out of the mouth of babes...
These two pictures were taken back in 2003, but they just crack me up every time I look at them and they're perfect self-descriptions of what "Kates" is all about.

P.S. By the way, the movie is so fabulous and it's a MUST SEE!!!

Official switch to new family blog

Hi guys,

First off, NO, a Pepto Bismol bottle did not explode onto our blog. ha ha

Since I have done my best to manage Brynlyn's blog for the past year or so. Now, I'm quite happy to announce that it's time to switch to a family blog. I created it last year, but just wasn't quite ready to switch over so it sat and collected some dust for a while. I will continue to post on Brynlyn's blog as updates to her growth and development and it's a wonderful way to journal about her life. Yet, as of this point, most of my posts will be on our new family blog. So I hope you enjoy it.