Mike and Susie Jensen Family
"Enjoy the Little Things in Life, for one day you may Look Back and Realize they were the Big Things."
~Robert Brault

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Breakfast Celebration

A group of girlfriends took me to Paradise Bakery for a baby breakfast celebration. It was so much fun and it was really needed on my part. I had such a great time that this should help me to get through the next few weeks of the last part of my pregnancy.

I love these girls so much and they are such wonderful friends!!!! Thanks again, guys. It was such a great morning and I really appreciated it.

Riki, Cydnie, Joey, Katrina, Nicole, Michelle, Me and Miss Brynlyn (who was the official "gift opener" ha ha)

Brynlyn and Jackson's haircuts

Thank heavens that we have a hairdresser in the family! =) Aunt Connie is always willing to share her talent with the scissors and give the kiddos a trim. Brynlyn needed a trim this day and Connie even had a special princess gown that Brynlyn could wear.

Check out my growing baby belly! Yowza!

Jackson's turn for his haircut. It helped that we turned on an episode of Blues Clues to keep this little ones happy during their cut. Lookin' good, Jackson. Thanks Connie, you're the best!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

David and Katelyn's birthday celebration

My nephew David and Katelyn were born just a week apart and they have been connected at the hip ever since! They are just the best of buds and have so much fun whenever they are together. They even got to celebrate their 10th birthdays with each other. Happy Birthday guys!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mani/Pedi Day

For a special back to school treat, we went to our local pedicure spa location for mani/pedi's in honor of back to school! Ashlyn's friend Kendyl came with us and we had so much fun. The girls were in hog heaven and we had the entire place to ourselves! Not many people are getting their toes painted on Monday mornings, I guess.

And of course we had to dine at Subway for lunch following this great spa day.

I loved the sign hanging in the salon: Indulge Yourself! And that's exactly what we did!

Katelyn, Kendyl and Ashlyn all went with zebra print on their nails. Cute!

Lauryn went with hot green with a flower. Ooo la la...
Katelyn's cute zebra toes
Lauryn's pretty flower toes
Kendyl's flower toes
Ashlyn's flower toes
Aagh...here are my 9-month pregnant bloated and swelling feet and toes. You just gotta love the last month of pregnancy and all of its glory. =) But I do have to say that I love my purple flower toes. They're going to look great in the stirrups as I'm pushing this baby girl out. ha ha

Brynlyn's new VW Beetle

Have I ever mentioned how much I just love getting a great deal??? I love bargain shopping to the fullest and I found this little automatic battery powered Barbie VW Beetle that works and everything at a thrift store for $8.00! Yowza! This was the deal of the day and Brynlyn absolutely loves it.

Did I mention the battery is rechargeable and comes with its cables and everything? Gotta love bargain hunting. =)

Back to School blessings

We have a family tradition each school year. Mike gives each of the girls a Father's 'back to school' blessing. If you are not a member of the LDS church, then that simply means that it's a special prayer given from Father to Child for a specific purpose, and in this case it's a special prayer to help them as they prepare for a new school year. I'm grateful that Mike carries this tradition on in our family since it's one that my family did when I was growing up. It always started the year off just right.

First Day of School

Wow, the first day of school! Summer is over and it's time to buckle down and get back into a schedule. =)

The girls were happy to go back to school today. They couldn't wait to see their friends and start a new year.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ash, Kate, Lauryn: Meet the Teacher

Today we went to the Meet the Teacher day at our girls' school. They were each so excited about the teachers they were assigned to and we are looking forward to a great year with them.

Katelyn and Mrs. Munsil. She has her classroom decorated in Aloha theme. She even had Hawaiian leis on the desks for each child. Could she be any more perfect for our Hawaii-loving family??? Katelyn is so excited to be in her classroom.

Lauryn and Ms. Halal. We are new to this teacher so we are looking forward to getting to know her better. Can you tell by the smile on Lauryn's face that she's so thrilled to be in her classroom?

Ashlyn is now going into Junior High and she told me, under no circumstance, was I allowed to take any pictures with her teachers. ha ha

However, I will say this. Ashlyn has such a wonderful schedule this year. She gets to sing in the choir and play her flute in the band. She does NOT have to go to PE at all (lucky girl) and she has 4 of the greatest teachers at the school. She is so excited about her new JR. High schedule.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Katelyn's 10th Birthday/Rinsley's 12th Birthday

We celebrated Katelyn's 10th birthday and Rinsley's 12th birthday today (Rinsley is our niece on Jensen side). We went to dinner at Cafe Rio (yummmmmm) and then home for birthday cake and ice cream. It was so fun to celebrate this special day with our special girls.

Papa, Granda and Rinsley

Ashlyn and Rinsley
Aunt Candace was showing the girls how to make bead jewelry