Mike and Susie Jensen Family
"Enjoy the Little Things in Life, for one day you may Look Back and Realize they were the Big Things."
~Robert Brault

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day Ten: Jackson's last day here

Today is our last day of having another man in the house! Janelle and Eric are flying home today from their oh-so-fabulous vacation abroad (you'll have to click the link to her blog in the next few days because I'm sure she's going to post some amazingly beautiful pictures of their trip to Europe). And since they are dying to see Jackson and he can hardly wait to see them, I guess we have to let him go back to his family. =)

He has been an absolute sweetheart to have around and it was our privilege to have him here and to make such wonderful memories with him. He has even learned to laugh at Uncle MJ's jokes! Go figure! And who is going to call me "Bebe's Mama" 50 times a day? And I'm not sure how Brynlyn AKA "Bebe" is going to react tomorrow morning when Jackson isn't there to wake her up because that's the routine we're in now. She may kick us all out of her room and wait for Jackson to come in! Ha!

These are some of our last activities today before church. Jackson we love you so much and you are welcome back to live in "the pink world" anytime you want, buddy! (Although I'm sure you're not going to let your parents out of your sight for a long while! =)

Waking up Miss Brynlyn ritual

And, his LAST present of the week! Look at that happy look on his face! He knew that when he finally got to the last present, that he was going to see his mom and dad that day. This is one happy, happy boy!

These are my two shadows, especially whenever I wanted to be on the computer. No problem, a little pen and paper and they were two happy clams. This day they were writing their names on the paper. Way to go guys!
How could you not love these two little ones? They're so fun and so cute together.

Jackson, meet The Littlest Pet Shop toys......he loves playing with these!

Day Nine: Jackson here

Jackson found a quiet moment at our house to catch a quick cat nap. He was so tired after a week of playing with cousins.

So this ended up being the only picture I could snap of Brynlyn and Jackson in the pool together. We went swimming and after 5 minutes, Jackson was done and ready to go inside. I was grateful to snap this one. He's so funny. I've decided that he and his Uncle MJ have something in common: they're like cats! They do not like to be wet. =) Jackson didn't want to play in the pool and he did not like bathtime at all. Janelle, no worries. They do outgrow it. MJ still doesn't care much for the pool and swimming, however, he does take 3 showers a day, so bathtime is okay for him! ha ha

Bug-eyed and ready to open his present for the day.

Katelyn was so excited to read a story to Jackson before bedtime.
Snug as a bug in a rug and ready for nighttime in his cozy PJ's
Tucking Jackson in bed ritual.

Wow, that baby belly is looking large!!! Yikes!

Papa's 70th bday pool party

On Friday, Mike's Dad, Farrell AKA Papa, turned 70 years old! 70 must be the new 50, because Papa you look fabulous!!! Happy Birthday! It was great partying with you on your 70th! We love you and we're so glad that you are in our family.

Jackson was convinced that this was the exact plane that his parents were riding on. Mike's parents live under a heavy flight traffic area so we saw about 10 planes that night. =)

Mike using his boy scout skills to get the fire going to roast marshmallows and make smores. Yes we know it was 110 outside! ha ha
Candace and Brynlyn
And there was lots of swimming in the pool...
Rinsley and Ashlyn
And lots of throwing each other into the pool...

Then the girls played in the dress up stuff and put on their own plays for us. The plays were....interesting, to say the least! ha ha
Ashlyn is getting groovy with it...
Lauryn, Katelyn and Rinsley

And Brynlyn and Jackson played their own fun games. They found Granda's Little People toys and had a ball!

Sorry Jans and Eric, but Jackson insisted on wearing this pink heart necklace!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Eight: Jackson here

I will have to say that this "gift giving ritual" has really helped Jackson to understand the timeline of when his parents are coming home. He said this morning with the hugest smile, "I have two presents left and then Mommy and Daddy are coming home to pick me up." It was really sweet. He has adjusted really well to life over here and isn't as homesick as he was the first day or two. Although he is very, very excited to get back home with "My Mama and Dada" as he so affectionately refers to them. =)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day Seven: Jackson here

There were some of the happenings of the day...

A glimpse of what dinner time looks like around here...
Jackson started dipping his chips in his yogurt. Yum! I love doing this, especially dipping something salty into yogurt, so it made me laugh when he started dipping away.

And the kiddos played and played and played...(yes in their PJ's all day long. It was my laundry day and this was just easier for me minus two outfits I would have to clean at the end of the day. And they didn't seem to mind at all! =)

Jackson picked up this airplane and said, "My mama and dad go on an airplane just like this."

And of course, the moment we've all been waiting for...day seven gifts: Handy Manny books! Wahoo! =)