Mike and Susie Jensen Family
"Enjoy the Little Things in Life, for one day you may Look Back and Realize they were the Big Things."
~Robert Brault

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt: April 13

The day after we returned from NYC, we went to a park in Scottsdale (the McCormick Ranch Train Park - so fun) and had a family Easter Egg Hunt. It was a great time and we loved hanging out with everyone and seeing all of our fun cousins.


Barbie with Holly
Mike and Brynlyn
Grandma Sugar with Ashley
Ricky, Barbie and Holly - such a cute little family!
Mike helping Brynlyn find easter eggs
Brynlyn and Madison Rick, Barb and Holly in a true parenting moment: muddy babies!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

NYC Manhattan Scenery pictures

These pictures were taking on The Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. They have amazing views of the city and I just have to share these pictures, which were some of my favorites.

NYC: Central Park Scenery

I am a sucker for Central Park and it's amazing scenery! I have seen it blanketed in snow in the winter, and that was so beautiful. These scenes of spring in the park are so beautiful and so much fun that I had to share them.

NYC: April 12 and airport scenes

This is our last day in NYC and we are sad that we have to go home, but we were all ready to go and see our kiddos. Thank you soooo much to Granda and Papa for taking care of Ashlyn and Brynlyn. And Thank you soooo much to Connie and Mike for taking care of Katelyn and Lauryn. All of our girls had such a great time with you all. We appreciate the fact that we can go on vacation and know that our kids are being taken care of so well. And a big thank you to Rob and Emily for hosting us in NYC. We had such a great time with you guys and it was an incredible trip. Thanks for everything you guys did to help us enjoy it as much as we did. We're going to miss our late night chats and cheesecake. Until our next trip... =) We love you guys!

Tanya and Bryce trying to catch up on their "24" episodes

Checking out our Chinatown finds. Yee-haw!
Our last subway ride. We were so sad that it was time to go home, so we had to snap one last picture of ourselves: we are very weary travelers. It's time to go home and catch up on our sleep!!!

NYC: April 11

Another beautiful, and WET, day in NYC. We woke up to showers of rain all day today. Hey, we've had such incredible weather so far. I'm not complaining. Mike and I immediately headed over to Times Square to get into the TKTS line for 1/2 price Broadway show tickets. We ended up seeing a new show called "Rock of Ages" which features tons of 80's rock music. It was fun. Tanya and Bryce went over and got tickets for "Phantom of the Opera" and they loved it. We decided to head up to the upper east side to the Guggenheim Museum because of the rain. It was...modern...and interesting. It was fun being there just to see what it was all about. We also walked down Wall Street (umbrellas and all) and saw "The Bull" on Wall Street. Some of us saw it alot better than the others did. Ha! We checked out Brooklyn Bridge, walked around FAO Schwartz Toy Store and saw the life-size piano that Tom Hanks played on in "Big." We were lucky that it had stopped raining when we got out of our shows so we headed downtown to Chinatown and did some fun shopping there, and we met up with Rob and Emily. Then we ate dinner in Chinatown before heading back to Grand Central for some more Juniors Cheesecake and then heading home.
An art display at the Guggenheim: the sound of ice melting. Hey, it's art folks!

The ceiling at the Guggenheim Museum of Art
The many levels of the Guggenheim
I loved this sign: "Daffys:" Clothing Bargains for Millionaires
Bryce is getting to know the Wall Street Bull really well...have you seen the movie "Hitch"?
Walking down Wall Street with our umbrellas trying to not get any more soaked than we already were. But we're true travelers...a little rain clouds will NOT stop us!!!
Mike lookin' cute under his umbrella

NYC: April 10

Whew...we are slowly covering this city inch by inch. We had such a busy and fun day today in NYC. We visited the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) which was...interesting, to say the least. We walked down 5th Avenue by Tiffany, Trump Tower, and all of the fun shopping that takes place along there, saw Rockefeller Center and the beautiful spring flowers they have planted there, saw the beautiful Bryant Park, another great walk through Central Park, and another delicious dinner in Little Italy.
Eating in Little Italy

Strawberry Fields (Imagine) tribute to John Lennon in Central Park. We even played David Archuletta's version of "Imagine" as we passed it.
Central Park in Spring
Taking a rest for weary travelers. This is a great place for a nap!
Beautiful Central Park
Bryce catchin' some quick zzzz while Tanya double checks the travel spreadsheet.
We have officially worn Robbie out!
At the "Enchanted" fountain in Central Park
Check out that beautiful secate!!!
Now that's what I'm talking about!!!!
Trump Tower, but we didn't see "The Donald" unfortunately
The boys mimicking modern art
Hmmm...there are so many different aspects and symbols to this....
Beautiful flowers at Rockefeller Center
On the pier right next to Rob and Em's apartment. In Long Island City overlooking Manhattan. Great view!
At Rockefeller Center
Bryant Park was so pretty and peaceful!
Check out those cute city girls!