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~Robert Brault

Monday, July 21, 2008

The waterproof blankie

Jackson has 3 blue look-alike blankies that he takes with him wherever he goes. And when we went swimming, he insisted on taking them out by the pool with him, of course. So I put them up on the patio table when we were swimming. That was not good enough for Jackson and he wanted a quick snuggle from his blankie and before I could stop him, he promptly threw his blankie into the swimming pool. Yikes! We thought for sure these blankies were waterproof. So we thought it was cute and funny and had to snap some pics of him snuggling his soaking wet blankie in the pool.

Now, where are those other blankies??? (And yes, he did find the 2nd blankie and threw it in the water also. Thank heavens for washing machines before bedtimes! ha ha) Jackson, you are too much, my friend!
(This is such a "Linus" picture. So cute!)

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Amie said...

He is SO cute!