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~Robert Brault

Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 16th: Katelyn and David's Baptism Day

Katelyn's baptism day was so special. She looked absolutely beautiful in her baptism dress. And what was extra neat about the day is that her favorite cousin and kindred spirit, David, came over from Peoria and was baptized with her! That was a really neat thing for them because they have always been connected at the hip since birth. Grandma Sugar and Granda both gave great talks at the baptism program, Katelyn's Mom and David's Mom both had a chance to share their thoughts and feelings with their kids, and Grandpa Sugar and Papa gave beautiful prayers. It was a wonderful program and we were lucky to have such a great day. Then we had a big family BBQ at our house following the baptism program. We swam, ate, played WII, played Rock Band and had a great time with our friends and family. This was a day that Katelyn and her family will never forget!

Katelyn and David with Grandma and Grandpa Sugar
Katelyn with her parents and Granda and Papa Jensen
Mike and David looking like "sharp dressed men" in their suits

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Amie said...

what a great day! I'd forgotten how tall your "Eddie" is...what's he hit these days?