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~Robert Brault

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

July 29th: Katelyn's loose Tooth

Katelyn's in the stage of life when she's loosing her baby teeth and getting her permanent teeth. But she hates to have her teeth pulled, wiggled, or anything and to help her get her loose tooth is like, well, "pulling teeth!" ha ha So we were finally able to help her along and her tooth was so overdue to come out, that the permanent tooth behind it was already coming in. Congrats Katelyn on another tooth coming out. The Tooth Fairy will be pleased!


Amie said...

Hey Sooz, I so missed you and the girls at TGIF on Saturday! Wish you could have come!! =(

Tina said...

Hey Susie,
I saw your blog through Andrea D. Just wanted to say hi, and that you have a beautiful family. It's nice to see you occasionally at stake functions. Have a great day!
Tina Hansen
Feel free to come take a peek at my blog!

Andi Gooch said...

Hey Susie:
Ha ha, just reading the blog before me . . . I saw your blog off of Kristen Sear. I still would love to meet up with you. My Will is doing good. We just had an appointment with Dr. Stock this week - all is well. You'll have to come and check out my blog as well - Andi Gooch www.andigooch.blogspot.com