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~Robert Brault

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Scrapbook Layouts

After talking with a friend yesterday, she commented on how I displayed many pictures from our scrapbook retreat, but no pictures of layouts I had actually completed there. Hmm...what a thought! ha ha So I'm displaying a few of the layouts that I finished. The pictures turned out a little fuzzy unfortunately. I was working on our Spring Break '08 Maui trip as you can see, so they're vacation pics, which are always fun. Anyway, this does prove that I did something other than stay up late, sleep in late, eat, swim, laugh, and watch movies. =)

Mike indulging in Hula Pie. If you've never had the privilege of eating this dessert, then you haven't lived! You can find it at the Duke's restaurant chain across the Hawaiian islands. You must try it. I even have the souvenir plate.
Two page layout of the girls at breakfast right before going to church. I absolutely love Heidi Swapp's line of flowers, as you can tell. They are the best! (I'm in a flower phase right now.)
Two separate layouts of me and Mike. The first one is titled "Best Friends" and the second one is titled "Romance." Check out that view from Leilani's on the beach.
Ashlyn's two page layout titled "Snorkeling Babe." It was so tricky putting together that collage of photos. I loved how it turned out though.
First layout titled "Basking in the sun" is of Mike snorkeling with a turtle. Second layout titled "Aloha" is of Katelyn in her pink/black hibiscus swimsuit looking so adorable on one of our excursions.


Danny said...

grrrrrrrrreat work! I like the Romance one! the collage is awesome--those are so hard! Made me wish for Hawaii!

Amie said...

oopsie, sorry that was me. for some reason I was signed in under danny's account.

Trumps said...

Hey Susie,

Can you please email me your address???? Thanks


Love you guys, hope you are doing well!!!!

Love Ash

Tina said...

How cute! Looks like you had a fun time. I like checking in on your cute family every now and then. Feel free to say hi if you ever pop in on my blog! I love your skiing pictures... fun family times! Have a great day!!!