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"Enjoy the Little Things in Life, for one day you may Look Back and Realize they were the Big Things."
~Robert Brault

Monday, October 20, 2008

Magic Mountain

We spent a day at Magic Mountain. It was great because Ashlyn was able to ride all of the rides there, and Kate and Lauryn were able to ride all but maybe 5 of them. And since it was over a holiday, there weren't too many people there. There very few lines and not too long of waits for the majority of the rides. It was a fun place and we had a great time.

Brynlyn was not sure about meeting these characters at all. She promptly held out her hand to stop them from coming closer to her and you can see Porky Pig mimicking her hand movements. And the people sitting at the tables behind were thoroughly entertained by this. They were all cracking up at how cute Brynlyn was acting.

Meeting the elusive Batman!

Bryce and Mike taking a rest
Mike, Ashlyn and I were on this upside down roller coaster ride. It was intense and really alot of fun. Bryce captured this awesome picture of us. If you zoom in, you can see us sitting right there in the front. It was a great ride!

Going home after a long, fun day of riding rides galore.

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