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"Enjoy the Little Things in Life, for one day you may Look Back and Realize they were the Big Things."
~Robert Brault

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Polar Express Train

Me and Mike snuggling on the train
Our family in the lodge before boarding the train, notice how Brynlyn is sacked out asleep. She was so tired.

In November, we went up to Williams, AZ to go on the Polar Express train. The Posvars went with us which made it that much more fun. It was their first time going on the train, so we were excited to be there with them. We had such a great time and the train did not disappoint us again. This was our 4th year and we love this tradition. We are already looking forward to going back next year!

Lauryn and Katelyn

In front of the christmas tree at the Grand Canyon Railway lodge.

The cute Posvar family in the lodge before boarding the train

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The Allen's said...

Susie! hi, this is Kelyn Kivett Allen. I found your blog while hopping of course and then noticed you were also linked to my cousins, heidi and chris anderson's blog and their sweet little blondies and Jersey girl. it was so fun to see pictures of all your little girlies. you guys look wonderful. i am glad to have stumbled upon you. hope you don't mind if i put you on my list so i can look back from time to time.