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~Robert Brault

Friday, March 06, 2009

Jackon's bday party at Bounce Jungle

Me and Tanya taking a slide down the slide. Wahoo! Is this place meant for kids or adults???

Me, Barbie, and a bunch of cousins at the top of the slide

Jackson and Brynlyn at snack time
We went to Bounce Jungle for Jackson's 2nd birthday party and it was a real party for sure! Brynlyn thought she was in hog heaven for sure and loved playing in the bounce tubes, slides, and all the fun things to do there. Thanks for inviting us to your great party guys! We loved it!
Climbing through the tube. I had to crawl in there after her. Yikes-not a pretty picture! Ha!
Climbing up the tall steps to the top. You go girly!

Grandma Sugar and Brynlyn ready to take a slide down...
I let Brynlyn slide down by herself. Wheeeee!!!!

Trying to climb back up herself. She insisted on doing it herself. What a rockstar!

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