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~Robert Brault

Monday, April 13, 2009

NYC: April 9

We another fantastic day in the city today. We had a cultural experience at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art), took a great walk through Central Park, (so beautiful), we got to see some of our friends from our ward, Brett and Melissa Lantz, who are working in NYC for about 6 weeks. They are on their last week in the city before they head back home, Brett hooked us all up with tickets to The Top of the Rock which is an awesome city overlook on the top of Rockefeller Center, we saw the Manhattan Temple and got to shoot the breeze with a group of the missionaries serving in the area, we saw the Museum of Natural History, saw Radio City Music Hall, walked through Times Square at nighttime, and ate dinner at Junior's in Time Square.
Rob and Emily, our terrific tour guides and hosts. Thanks a million guys!

Rob and Mike hanging out in the apartment
Times Square
Radio City Music Hall
Walking through Central Park
On the top of Rockefeller Center, "Top of the Rock"
What an awesome view of the city at sunset!
Hangin' with Brett and Melissa and family. Thanks so much for the tickets guys! You're awesome.
Mike and Brett are "representing ASU" well!
In front of the Manhattan Temple
Museum of Natural History. Remember the Ben Stiller movie "Night at the Museum"? Well here you go...
Mike couldn't get over the beautiful grass in Central Park.
Bryce and Mike pondering classic art
View from 2nd floor at the Met.
Bryce interpreting this wonderful sculpture.
Oh we couldn't resist this one!
In the Japanese Gardens at the Met
The mystery of the "headless egyptian" has been solved
Interpreting the sculpture called "Memi and Sabu"

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