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~Robert Brault

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School and Meet the Teacher

August in Arizona means...time to go back to school! After a 2 month break and really, really fun summer, it was time for our kiddos to get back to routines, schedules, friends, homework, after school activities. No more lazy days of summer and sleeping in (sadly).

Brynlyn started a new preschool (developmental) program. There are 8 kids in her classroom and she gets speech therapy, OT therapy, and PT therapy at school, which is great! It's really close to our house, but she still gets to ride the bus (which she loves! And her bus drivers are the best!) She goes 4 days a week for a few hours. It is definitely the highlight of her week and she is loving her classroom and her teacher, Ms. Erin.

Janelle and Jackson came to see Brynlyn off on her first day of school.

Mom and Dad, sending Brynlyn off into the big, wide world. I don't know who was more scared then: US or Brynlyn! ha ha

Strapped into the bus, Dora backpack in tow, all ready for school! Giddy-up!

Chillin' out with Jackson before school. It was so sweet that her BEST FRIEND in all of the world came over to wish her well on her first day.

Dad even came home for this big occasion.

We're both feeling a little anxious and nervous right about now...

Jackson, Janelle and Brynlyn. Jackson was sure to Janelle that only Brynlyn was going on the bus today. He was just fine to stay at home with Mommy. So cute!

Such a big girl...

Katelyn and Lauryn before school. They were so excited to go. Lauryn started a new school this year, joining her sisters at Ben Franklin. She was nervous, but also excited to see what this new school was all about and to meet new friends.

Katelyn is so excited to start 3rd grade.

Lauryn is starting 1st grade.

Ashlyn and Camryn, in their aero clothes, all ready to go! Such cute girls.

Watch out 6th grade...here comes Ashlyn!

Brynlyn and her preschool teacher, Ms. Erin. This was meet the teacher night and she and Brynlyn were instant friends.

Ashlyn with Ms. Worthen, her 6th grade teacher. She's awesome, we love her already!

Lauryn with Ms. Morris in 1st grade. She was so excited to meet her new teacher and check out her new classroom. She's going to have a great year.

Ashlyn and Jade, hanging out in the classroom.

Kendyl and Ashlyn got to choose their seats right next to each other for the 1st day of class. They are so excited to be in the same class again this year.

Katelyn sitting at her new desk. Katelyn's assigned teacher had to quit due to a family emergency. SO...she was getting a new teacher, Mrs. Youngs, who wasn't going to be there for the first week. So she had Mrs. Becker as her sub and then Mrs. Youngs started the second week. We already love Mrs. Youngs. She is such a neat teacher, and Katelyn knew her as a substitute from the few years before.


Mindy said...

My favorite is Brynlyn in the bus! LOVE it and you're right... so CUTE!

Amie said...

I can't believe Brynlyn gets to go to her preschool already! out here the special needs preschool started at 3. (she's not 3 yet is she?) So nice though! So you have an empty house at one point now, right?