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Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday, day 2: Iao Needle, Costco

We discovered this gem of a spot on Maui called the Iao Needle. It was this huge, lush mountain and you felt like you were in a tropical rainforest when you were walking in it. There was a bridge to cross and underneath were shallow swimming pools with waterfalls that led to more swimming pools and more waterfalls that led to even more swimming pools. We quickly discovered that this is a "local hangout" for the teenagers on the island. There was a really fun group jumping off the rocks into the water and we loved hanging out with them, getting to know what their world is like. They were so nice and it really became one of our favorite spots. The girls didn't have their swimsuits with them, so they didn't jump into the pools, so we made plans to come back soon (with swimsuits and towels).

the lush Iao Needle area

Mike climbing trees again

Hey wait a minute, their Costco is just like our Costco! Imagine that...

Another favorite place on the island is Paia. It's a very small ecletic, hippy type town on the way to Hana. This town is so great and I love it! The welcome sign when you're driving in says: "Welcome to Paia. Please don't feed the hippies." ha ha ha
The Paia Fish Market (in the picture on the top right) has THE most amazing fish and chips and coleslaw. We ate there four times this trip.

The Iao Needle

Cliff jumpers into the shallow swimming pools (only 6 feet deep). It was making THIS mother so nervous whenever they would jump. ha ha

Mike and the girls met up with one of the locals. He was so cool and fun to chat with. We nicknamed him "the scraper" (the story is just too long to tell so I'll spare you of any details.) We really think he is a direct descendent of the famous deceased Hawaiian singer IZ. He looked JUST like him!

Mike and the girlies climbing trees having some great daddy/daughter bonding time

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