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"Enjoy the Little Things in Life, for one day you may Look Back and Realize they were the Big Things."
~Robert Brault

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Central Park

I love Central Park! I really could spend hours here. It's so beautiful and full of history. We took a fun tour of the park. We covered the entire park in a short amount of time and that says alot because the park is huge! Our tour guide was from Serbia and knew his stuff about the park. It was alot of fun showing Ashlyn the highlights of this area.

The memorial to John Lennon called "Strawberry Fields." They really need to have the song playing in the background while you're standing here. =)
On our bike tour. The fountain in the back is a replica of the fountain they used to shoot the opening to the Friends series.

Overlooking Bethesda Fountain, where they shot some "Enchanted" scenes.

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