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~Robert Brault

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Preschool Graduation Party

Today was Brynlyn's Preschool Graduation Party. She really isn't graduating to Kindergarten yet. She still has 1 more year of pre-K, but most of her classmates are moving on up. It was so fun to be there in her classroom and to see their music performance. I will just say this, my little Brynlyn is the biggest ham! She thought it was so great to be up there in front of all of those parents are show off her moves. I hope she always has that sense of confidence!

We will really miss her teachers Erin and Sabrina. They have been so wonderful with her and we're sad they won't be with us for next year. We feel really lucky that they were such a huge part of our lives this year. Thanks a million gals! We sure love ya!

Brynlyn with Ms. Sabrina

Brynlyn with Ms. Erin

Brynlyn's class in full performance mode

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