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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Katelyn: Oct Student of the Month

Katelyn was chosen by her 2nd grade teacher as the October's Student of the Month in her classroom. Way to go Katelyn! The school has a neat flag ceremony every morning and the entire school sings a patriotic song. Then the principal, Mr. Lee, will talk a little about the virtue or positive characteristic that the school is focusing on that particular month. This month is self control: thinking before acting. Then, they highlight the school's students of the month with a special ceremony. It is a blessing to be at such an academically challenging and wonderful school.

She's worked really, really hard this year and she's doing so well. Many of you probably don't know this, but Katelyn has almost no hearing in her left ear due to a genetic disorder that has affected her kidneys and her hearing. Her right ear is functioning perfectly and so she compensates very well that most people would never even know. Yet, many things are very difficult for her especially in the classroom. She has to pay extra attention to what her teacher is saying because she might miss part of the directions, etc. She never complains about her hearing loss and just deals with it and she never even brings it up unless I ask her about it. She's such a trooper and she's a hard worker. Keep up the great work Katelyn. You Rock, girlfriend!

Susie and Katelyn

Wahoo Katelyn!
Mr. Lee (in the red shirt) standing behind Katelyn.
October's Students of the Month
Katelyn and Becca

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