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~Robert Brault

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Thursday, day 7: Road to Hana, Paia Fish and Chips, Luau,

We headed towards Hana on the infamous Road to Hana. With 3 children in tow, you generally don't get very far into the road before it's time to turn around. ha ha

We made it to one of our favorite stops: The Twin Falls Fruit Stand. They have the most delicious "Dream Bars" that are like cookie bars with macadamia nuts (to die for and worth extra trips over there just to buy those. Yum!)

We took a short hike to some pretty waterfalls and to some pool. The girls didn't swim, but they had fun catching little minnows that lived in the pools.

Paia Mahi Fish and Chips are close to the Road to Hana so we had to stop and eat there. The girls weren't wanting fish so we bought them Happy Meals from McD's and they were happy as clams. Ashlyn wasn't digging on the fish either so she always got a bean/cheese quesadilla whenever we went. What is wrong with these girls? Don't they realize how fresh and yum this fish is???

Sitting on the deck one morning. Ashlyn is trying to wake up and MIke is already checking his emails.

Wearing pretty leis that were given to them after they did the hula

At the luau...fun stuff!

Katelyn is so funny. When they handed her this pretty glass of POG (pineapple, orange, guave) she thought it looked so tropical and she said, "Mom, this drink looks like a sun is setting on a deserted island." What such description! ha ha

Cute poses in front of the waterfall

Our last morning walk on the beach. This was so sad to face reality that we had to go home...

Eating Pickled Mangos. YUMMMMM....

Maalea Harbor, following our Molokini adventure

At the hotel on Tuesday and Friday nights, the would set up this huge screen and play a "movie by the pool." It was so much fun! ONe night we bought a Costco Pizza and ate by the pool while we watched Madagascar 2. The other night, we watched Prince Caspian from Narnia. So much fun. We loved that the hotel did this.
Eating yum and huge snowcones from Hula Cookies.

The girls are getting ready to watch the movie


Ashlyn said...

that lizard dude is awesome!!!!!!!!

Ashlyn said...

that lizard dude is awesome!!!!!!!!