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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Wednesday, day 7: Snorkeling at Molokini and Turtle Town/Maalea Harbor

We spent a day snorkeling off the coast of Molokini Crater. This is technically how Molokini was created:

"This aquatic wonder was created when an undersea vent, held under pressure by the ocean's weight, busted loose with lava and ash, building up what we call a tuff cone. The northern half has been eroded away by wave action, creating a semi-circular reef far enough offshore to be clear of runoff or sand. So underwater visibility is nearly always 100 feet, sometimes 180 feet."

WOW!!! Like that is sooo totally cool! ha ha

They also said this is one of THE TOP Scuba Diving locations in the world. Well, now I can see why! =)

It was really incredible. We decided to rent the wetsuits for the day because it's far away from any island shoreline. (It took us over an hour to reach Molokini by catamaran.) So the water temperature is much, much colder than it would be near shore. And the logic was that maybe we would stay out in the water longer because our bodies would be warmer. It worked! We were nice and warm and cozy in our wetsuits and we spent over an hour at each dive/snorkel location checking out the marine life.

Although Mike felt like he was going to be shark bait because he thought he would look like a giant seal in his wetsuit and surely a shark would go right after him mistaking him for a seal. So he didn't wear his wetsuit, but he also encouraged US to wear OURS! Hmmm....so the sharks would go after US instead of after HIM so he could make a clean getaway??? Ahhh, my hero.....ha ha ha

Whatever Mike....we looked so much cuter in our wetsuits anyway. Ha!

We were so proud of our girls. They were really brave. Last year, they refused to even get out of the boat. This year, they were jumping right in, put their snorkel gear on and went to town. (Confession: We totally practiced snorkeling in our pool before we left to hopefully avoid another "incident" from last year.) ha ha

Katelyn was even the #1 Turtle Spotter in our group. I finally told her, "Listen, when you see a turtle, just tell me quietly so we can enjoy the turtle for a while by ourselves without all 500 people around us." ha ha ha The girls were total Snorkel Rockstars and it was a great day. By far, one of our favorite days on our vacation.

Ahh, the water is really that blue. These pictures are not "photoshopped." ha ha

The non-snorkel side of Molokini. Years ago, the US government used this crater as target practice for their cannons. You can see remnants of their damage to this crater.

Driving to Molokini, with Maui behind us.

Oooo, can you say "christmas card picture???" ha ha

On the catamaran, following the boat tour.

Seriously, Santa Claus was on our boat!!! For a living, he manages stand in Santas. He used to be one himself. He was so cute! I even loved his red swim trunks. He even gave us one of his big belly laughs. Too cute! And no, his wife did not look like Mrs. Claus. =)

Shark Bait

Lookin' good girls.

Lauryn, right before we snorkeled. I think she's lookin' a little nervous here. Can you believe how blue that water is???

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