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~Robert Brault

Monday, September 14, 2009

Solvang, CA

We always love a visit to the danish town of Solvang, CA. It's such a quaint, cute, touristy town and we have to indulge on the abelskivers each time we go. Yum!

Ashley and Brynlyn
Solvang Restaurant: home of Arne's famous Aebleskivers

The kiddos paying tribute to Hans Christian Andersen

Abelskivers are like large, round pancake tasting delights. They are covered with powdered sugar and then we dip then in homemade raspberry jam. YUMMM!!!

The kids stood at this window and could watch them making the abelskivers.

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Amie said...

those look mighty tasty!

and way to go on all the updates today!