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~Robert Brault

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Maui, Hawaii-Ahihi-Kinau Reserve in Wailea and gorgeous scenery

We took our summer vacation this spring and headed over to Maui for a week. Brynlyn stayed with Janelle and Eric, her home away from home. She ended up getting sick for the entire week and Janelle nursed her back to health. It was a tough week for them and we really appreciate all of their help with Brynlyn. They did a great job!

Our favorite place on the planet is Maui and if I had to describe it in one word, I would say Healing. It's an amazing place and we were so grateful for the chance to go back.

Warning: some ridiculously gorgeous scenery is about to be shown.

We visited the Ahihi-Kinau Reserve in Wailea. It's so gorgeous and the scenery is such a stark contrast with the clear blue water against the black lava rock. They have great tidepools here and it's always fun for the girls to check it out.

Scenery near our hotel. Every time I go to Hawaii, I always ask Mike to bring back a plumeria plant so he can plant it in our yard. And every year he has told me that it just wouldn't survive in our heat. I continue to ask though because it's my favorite flower!

Our hotel resort. We affectionately call it the Pink Palace. It is pink in honor of the Hawaiian royalty. =)

This is a beautiful Japanese garden in the courtyard. I love going and just sitting in the courtyard because it's so serene and peaceful.

If you ever go to Hawaii, do not leave home without the Hawaii Revealed tour book! It is the best and becomes our favorite guide book for the islands.

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