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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Maui, Hawaii- Things we'll only see in Hawaii

We were on this kick of taking pictures of things we'd only see in Hawaii. Check it out...

Paia Fish Market. Yummm.....

Island Paperie Scrapbooking Store in Kahului. You even get a free die cut just for going in and checking it out.

Oh no McDonald's, Thank you!

This Santa has "Aloha" written all over his outfit with hibiscus flowers. And he's wearing a flower lei! Mele Kalikimaka Santa!

This is an evacuation alarm at the top of this street sign, to alert the residents in case of emergency (like tsunami)

Love this tribute overlooking the ocean. Loving the Hawaiian leis on the cross.

Gold Kuuipo jewelry (means "Sweetheart") being sold at Maui Costco.

Fresh Fruit stands on every corner. Love it!

How do you think this sign would go over in the East Valley?

Mike playing the Ukulele. You don't see this every day.

We'd love to rent this surfboard, if only we had a place in AZ to surf!

Gotta love Surf Lessons.

This cracked me up. Buddah has a football in his lap.

Mike is trying to pass this idea along to our HOA. An Aloha sign in flowers at our entrance. Do you think it will pass?

Maui sign, in flowers

I loved the sign on this tree. It lists how many steps to various places from this tree. Example: 36,000 Steps to Kauai. (But you might want to bring a boat to get there also)

Hula Pie. Need I say more???

Aaahhh...beautiful Napili Bay...

Hawaiian for...huh....?

Evacuation Route signs.

Loving Maui Tacos. Taco Bell, eat you're heart out! =)

I love this sign and I need one in my front yard.

It says in (Japanese and) Hawaiian: E Ho'omaluhia Me Ka Honua
Translation: May the World Be in Peace

If you've been to Hawaii, then you know the ABC Stores quite well! Fun and cost-effective shopping. =)

Ashlyn saw this huge shark skeleton jaw in this store on Front Street and had to act like she was being eaten by it.

Carving Tikis

This guy was totally asleep on the bench...Completely Out...Not to be disturbed. The funniest part of this picture was that in his other hand, held his car keys. Just dangling on his fingers. You can only find this in Banyan Tree Park.

This cruise ship was on a Transition Cruise. It was a 21 day cruise and they had already been to Australia. Tahiti. Fiji. Hawaii. Their final destination was Vancouver, BC. So cool! We met a bunch of the cruisers out and about because the ship was docked in the harbor for 2 days.

The Aloha State

Anyone for a pineapple tour?

This is another memorial cross/sign. This cross was surrounded by different kinds of shoes and "slippahs."

Lots of superstitions over here. We completely obliged. Not worth taking the risk. =)

This was the Crocs store on Front Street. Loved how these crocs formed fish and turtles.

Out for a nice stroll with his dogs, barefoot. Not in AZ, or else 3rd degree burns on your footsies! Ouch!

This lady cracked us up. She was ready for a day on the town.

Ahhh, to have a surf shop in our town. Mike would be in hog heaven.

Leis sold in Costco. And yes, the prices are better here! =)

Yes, this is McDonald's and it shows them selling the Spam, Eggs and Rice breakfast. Spam is the chosen meat of Hawaii, you know! Loving those spam spuds. =)

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