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Monday, April 16, 2012

Congratulations Cheerleaders!

After participating in a grueling 3 days of workouts and tryouts for the freshmen cheerline at Higley H.S. for the 2012-2013 school year starting in August, Ashlyn found out she made the cheerline! Wahoo! Way to go, Ashlyn. We are so happy for you.

These tryouts were no small feat. They taught the girls a difficult 3 minute dance as well as cheers and jumps they needed to perform for tryouts. But they taught ALL of the girls the same things, including those trying out for Varsity and JV cheer squads, so these freshmen girls were expected to keep up with incoming seniors and the other girls who had already been on the squad before. They stayed up until midnight on Friday working on their dance and cheers and then they were up at 7am the next morning to get ready for tryouts. WHEW....it was tough and these girls were so tired by the end of the weekend, but their hardwork paid off and they made it!

Ashlyn's besties Sara and Kendyl made the squad along with their good friends and other former Franklin cheerleaders, Japeera and Madison (who was bumped up to JV Cheer!) Awesome girls, we are so excited for all of the fun adventures you are going to have next year!!! Have a blast and enjoy every minute of it.

Kendyl, Sara, Ashlyn


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