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~Robert Brault

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ashlyn's 8th grade graduation events

In May, Ashlyn graduated from 8th grade.  She was so sad to leave Franklin because many of her friends are all splitting up to go to several different high schools.  They had one last hoorah party at Disneyland with the entire 8th grade as their 8th grade grand finale.  

Her graduation picture.  Looking like she's graduating from high school! Oh my she looks so grown up!

After graduation that night, the kids met back up at the school at 11:00pm to board the buses to head to Disneyland for a day!  Girls on one bus, boys on the other bus.  Party on!

The 8th grade graduation ceremony was held at Queen Creek Performing Arts Center.  It was really well done and so much fun.  Afterwards, the kids all gathered for a huge paparrazzi photo session.  

This is a great picture because these are all of Ashlyn's teachers in 8th grade from each of her subjects, as well as the principal, Mr. Lee.  She was thrilled to get all of her teachers in one picture.  


aelizabethgarner said...

Love to check in on you. One day I will post again. I'm almost a whole year behind. Can't believe she is so old. Justin is a junior and I am already getting so sad life is changing too fast. But I have no more babies coming like you. So exciting...

Anonymous said...

o my lanta....mr shelley is STILL there? wow.