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~Robert Brault

Friday, August 31, 2012

June 2012 events

June was another busy month for us.  Here are some of the things that went on in June:

Grandpa Sugar would come over several times a week to help the girls in math.  He had a special "tutor" session to help keep their math skills during summer.  Thanks Grandpa!  This helped out so much.  We sure love ya!

This was the picture the girl did for Mike for Father's Day.  We painted on the bottom of their feet "We (heart) U Dad!  My oh my, my girls have ticklish feet!  It made for some tricky painting.  

Some dear friends in my ward threw a baby shower for me.  It had been 14 years since my last shower with Ashlyn, so this was alot of fun and it was a family affair.  Mike and the girls came with me and loved every minute of it.  I was literally "showered" with so many wonderful gifts by many wonderful friends and family.  It was a blast!

Father's Day with Mike's girls

Brynlyn's 6th Birthday!  She was certainly the star of the show at a birthday party hosted by Granda and Papa.  

Ashlyn and Camryn: Roomies at EFY Flagstaff!

Camryn, Ashlyn, Jade, and Kendyl leaving bright and early in the morning for a week long retreat at EFY in Flagstaff.  They had an absolute blast!!!

Rick tossing Dallin up into the air.

Rick, Barb, Rob, Emily playing some serious cards.  

Rob and Bobby swimming in the pool.  Rob...what's that face???  Are you peeing in the pool?  

Besties Kelsey, Lauryn, Maizey and Katelyn getting ready for another fun day of singing and dancing at Miss Jenee's Music Camp.  

Uncle Bill and Aunt Patty helping the girls assemble their bird houses at the Home Depot workshop.  We were there celebrating Dallin's 2 year old birthday.  Happy Birthday, cute boy!

Ashlyn leaving on the Stake Pioneer Trek.  She said she loved it all, but it was for sure one of the hardest things she had ever done.  Great experiences for all...

Our ward Pioneer Trekkers boarding the buses 

Miss Madelyn playing outside, basically she lived in her swimsuit this summer.

Madelyn, cousin Holly and Brynlyn

Paisley and Max came over to play and indulge in some serious popsicles with Made-Lucci and Brynlyn

Maizey, Lauryn, Kelsey, Katelyn after the music performance

Here are our girls with Brynlyn, Presley and Lainey

Oh how we love Miss Jenee!!!  Thanks for another great summer camp,  my friend!  How do you even top this one?  It was fabulous.

Another shot of friends and girls from the ward, embarking on the pioneer trek.  They all look so excited to go and so clean. =)

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